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Premier Digital Artwork

I'd like to take a moment and say thank you to Moonbeam13 for the opportunity and everyone for the love and support! Being a Stock & Resources Community Volunteer has been an amazing experience. I've enjoyed the ride and I'm looking forward to a tiny little break before I get back to stock as usual.

I've been blessed with the chance to represent and work for the gallery that I've loved for years. One of my favorite parts was getting to know the team, especially my girls ElandriaPirateLotus-Stock and Aeirmid. It was a blast working with them. There's nothing cooler than getting to know the people that you look up to as an artist and discovering wonderful friendships in the process. You are all incredible and an inspiration!

I expect great things in the future from mercurycode and Cassy-Blue The Stock & Resource gallery is fortunate indeed to have those two on the team, especially as they work closely with ErikShoemaker to create fun new experiences for our galleries to collaborate on. :D It's been really awesome getting to know those three and watching them grow and progress in their roles as CVs. Please remember that I will no longer be accepting DD suggestions. Those should be forwarded to either Cassy-Blue or mercurycode. :D

So what will I be doing on my little break? I fully plan on taking a few weeks and going to the lake. It's insanely hot in my little corner of Missouri, so you'll find me drifting across the waves on a raft with a Dr. Pepper in my hand. :D I wish the Community Volunteer team all of the best, and I hope everyone has an amazing summer (or winter if you're in the southern hemi) full of fun and joy! 


- Cheryl


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Hey everyone!

Let's all take a moment to welcome mercurycode to the team as our newest Stock & Resources Community Volunteer! We are very excited to have her on the team! Check out her gorgeous textures and go give her a big welcome! :heart:

Digital Texture Artwork 288 by mercurycode

Digital Texture Artwork 321 by mercurycode Digital Texture Artwork 297 by mercurycode

Digital Texture Artwork 301 by mercurycode

Be sure to go check out Moonbeam13's welcome journal here: Welcome mercurycode

and Cassy-Blue's welcome journal here: Let's Welcome Our New Stock CV!




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Metailurus Major Fossil Skull 5 by Tasastock free to use reference sheet by alimarije German bunkers Denmark 9-14 by piaglud
Barbarian - fighting with spear by ArtistReferences Easy way to draw metallic pattern on fabric by chirun

:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue

DSC 0019 Nest in Buddleja 3 by wintersmagicstock

BG painting tips by deeJuusan Miniature Polymer Clay Organs Tutorial by AliatheGhoul Tutorial: Wood and Bricks Coloring by VermeilleRose Failpinski Apophysis Tutorial by C-91 Tuto water reflections by ClaireLyxa
Young Chestnut Foal Stock 13 by Venari-Stock Sedona 44 by AwesomeStock Rocky Coast 1 by fuguestock
Munich56 by stock-refugium La Jolla Sunset Stock by little-spacey Azteca 7 by Colourize-Stock

AB. by colfrankland

Milk 3 Non-Exclusive Daily Deviation- Thank you! by Tris-Marie Shooting Lodge 9 by DarkMysty-Stock Aquarium window by petronellavanree
Dark Princess_17 by hyuugahinata-stock Exercise 45 Results: Fur Step by Step Guide by CGCookie Painting realistic portraits - TUTORIAL by lorantart Crotch and Buttocks Anatomy by NemoNova

Moonstruck (Line Art) by CLB-Raveneye

Get Well Mom! Art Challenge Feature!

Thu Apr 21, 2016, 12:45 PM

Thank you so much to everyone that participated. The participants above are welcome to send me a note linking the five exclusive stock packs of their choice from my gallery, and I will send them the links to the free downloads. Mom ( ThruCarolsEyes-Stock ) is doing a lot better and everything has been great news with her recovery. Go give these deviants some love and check out their galleries! :heart:

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Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth

Sat Apr 9, 2016, 11:43 AM

So, I'm really freakin' proud of a personal friend of mine, so I thought I would pass along the cool beans. He's been working on this game that is seriously fun to play. The game is a third person action adventure that reminds me a lot Zelda and of the N64 games that were so much fun to play. I thought I'd share it with you all and say Hi in the process. :heart:

Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth Website

Other Stuff Going On:

Get Well, Mom! Art ChallengeSome of you may know that my mom is ThruCarolsEyes-Stock. Well I'd like to host a little challenge for you, and for her, as a get well present. She just had surgery today. It went really well and all everything is great, but she won't be coming home from the hospital for a few days. Her recovery is going to take a couple of weeks at least, so I thought it would be a great surprise for her if we held a little challenge on the side for her to see when she's feeling better. 
The Challenge
 Create an art piece in your favorite medium. It's open to all galleries, and everyone is welcome to join in. 
Here are a few things Mom likes:
- Happy little fat birds.
- Edwardian/Victorian/Pre-Raphaelite/Art Nouveau/Deco themes (she's not really into the dark gothic styles.)
- Vintage looks (i.e. the 50s, 40s, 30s, etc.) 
- Warm and rich color palettes (reds, blues, greens, golds, etc)
- Swirly florals and postcard type stuff.
- Landscapes and waterscapes
  Stock Challenge Part 2: Art Creation!***********ONE WEEK LEFT TO ENTER************
The Challenge

The stockers have created spring themed stock images. Now let's start the next part of the challenge! Your challenge is to create a new art piece using at least one image from the image bank of stock entries from part 1 of the challenge.  There is no theme to this part, only that you must use one image from our image bank!
Image Bank
  crocus by tsahel Spring Landscape Premade IMG 0928 by WDWParksGal-Stock 
Tree with pink blossoms by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock Tower of Joy by jesterrysources 
Meet Your CV: Cassy-Blue (Stock/Resources)This week, I had the opportunity to interview Cassy-Blue, bug enthusiast and resource co-queen.  Taking one poke at her profile will prove her love for DA and all things S&R.  Read on to find out more about Erin, our proud Stock & Resources Community Volunteer. :la:
Please take this space to introduce yourself, and to discuss what you do around DA and your role as a CV.
Hi :wave: I'm Erin and I'm one of the Stock and Resources community volunteers. A lot of what I do on DeviantART is look at art, especially the stock gallery.  Stock has pretty much everything under the sun from reference images to sewing patterns. I spend a good amount of time looking for things to feature as daily deviations--resources that I think are super helpful or super cool for the community to see. I also help with planning contests, make features so stock artists get love :love:, and try to disseminate information through the community in our monthly ne
  Beautiful Stock Images - Feature Beautiful Resources and Stock Images

My warm autumn_2 by anastasiya-landa
princess stock by MadaleySelket AXEman2 by cooliwhip Green Sonata - female stock by Dea-Vesta
Forest demon - female stock by Dea-Vesta
GHOST FAMILY by jl-modelstock Stock Sky 1 by Softyrider62 Stock by PoisonIvy55

Stock by PoisonIvy55

Stock Challenge Part 1: Winner!Drum roll please! Our winner for the part 1 of the stock challenge has been selected! Everyone had great entries and it was tough to choose. 
Balloons V4 CONGRATULATIONS Nexu4 Balloons V4 


Don't forget to enter part 2 of the challenge! We want to see your art with the stock entered in Part 1! 
  Wishing Upon a Star 16.4.1Featuring commissions and adoptables, contests and events, groups, memberships.
Take a look at the new wishes!
Commissions and adoptables
Wishing to sell commissions or adoptables
:star: Audinitia wishes to sell more commissions. :star:
:star: freezingfeathers wishes for more people to purchase her adoptables. :star:
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:heart: cutecrochetNL wishes for more

Fishing for Wishes 16.4.1Featuring critiques and comments, daily deviations, features.
Take a look at the new wishes!
Critiques and comments
Wishing for critiques or comments
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  3D Modeling - Tutorials FeatureSome tutorials concerning 3D modeling to help those interestend i to createtheir own renders.
Enjoy :)

3ds Max ear modeling tutorial by toneloperu Procedural Eyeball Texturering by Soldat-Frozer How to fix non-moving mmd parts/rigging tut by Ekkoberry XPS Tutorial- Adding Hair To Models by aydean
XPS Tutorial- Adding Heads to New Bodies by aydean Mandi's 3dsmax Biped Tutorial by Majoh Modeling an Anime Face- Part 1 by IsiacDaGraca Hand Posing Tutorial - Holding Objects [MMD] by MissingPixieSticks

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